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PERL B a Finnish - French brand born from love of design, two countries and noble natural materials!

PERL B, an exclusive lifestyle brand, specialized in nordic materials.
Accessories and items for those on the move.

PERL B well selected handy and pretty home objects too.

To us, PERL B team, quality equals luxury, noble materials with modern look.
Local production in Marseille, France.

Timeless - passed from mother to daughter.
Best companion on a good and on a bad day, just like family.
That's who we are, that's how we work and live.

Come and join family PERL B!

Riia Bernard-Paulin, founder and creative director of PERL B, is Finnish and has lived and worked in Marseille since 2009.

After studies in International Business, Design and Interior Architecture,Riia worked as an Interior Designer for projects in Helsinki, Bristol and Marseille.

In her work and personal life, Riia has always searched for locally produced, quality items;

products which nowadays seem to be disappearing.

Riia decided to rebel against cheap production, in low cost coutries, which do not last and items which are never passed from mother to daughter - this is how, in 2014, PERL B was born.

PERL B is known for beautiful items made from luxury leathers,natural materials and European made quality fabrics. Production is always local; in ateliers in Marseille, France.

In her work, Riia is highly influenced by the purity of Finnish nature and Nordic designas well as the warmth and light of Marseille.

This is translated into items with clean and elegance lines, all spiced up with a touch of colour.


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